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Father and daughter are sitting in a room, laying on a wooden table and painting 3 Easter eggs. On top of the table there are paint tubes, a watercolour palette and paint brushes. Behind them there is an open window with a tree in full blossom.
Six children and two white rabbits are participating in an easter egg hunt on a grass field full of dandelions and daisies, along blooming cherry trees. the children are holding baskets.
Six dogs are sitting inside an art studio. You can find easels and canvas in front of them and pencils, brushes and colour palettes lay on a wooden floor. Three paintings are hanging on a white brick wall, featuring three dogs.
A pink alligator is taking a bath surrounded by plants and candles. A pink bath mat can be found in front of the pink bathtub, along with a pair of yellow slippers.
A pink alligator, wearing a white chef hat and yellow blouse, is sitting in front of a table ornated with a green and white checked tablecloth. On top of the table, there is a plate with a big stack of pancakes. The alligator is holding a fork in his right hand and a knife in the left.
A young woman wearing a checked red and white long dress, holding a white tote bag with a smiley emoji on her shoulder, is walking on a grass field followed by four hens. A cottage and a tiny forest are visible in the background.
A panda is eating a bowl of ramen, inside an Asian restaurant. Two red paper lanterns are hanging on the sealing.
A pink alligator, wearing a green short sleeves shirt, white shorts and a pair of white sunglasses, is comfortably laying on a green sofa with yellow and red pillows while reading a book.   Above the sofa, there are two wooden shelves ornated with pants and books. In front of the sofa, a black and white cat is sitting on top of a cream rug, close by a pair of yellow slippers and a coffee table with a travel mug and a plate with cookies.
Three hedgehogs are grooming a badger in the middle of the woods. Mushrooms and wild berries surround the trees.
A hedgehog wearing a sailor hat and yellow boots is holding a strawberry while sitting on a strawberry field.
A black cat is holding a strawberry while sitting on a strawberry field. A second black cat is hiding behind the plants.
A light brown bear wearing a red neckerchief and holding a basket is climbing a tree and picking some apples. Mountains, a field and a countryside road are visible in the background.
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